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As an online business, you want to get the most out of every dollar that you spend. Whether it’s advertising or any other form of marketing, there are tools that can help you maximize your investment and make sure every penny counts. For example, did you know that Google Analytics is basically free? But free doesn’t mean anything unless you know how to use the data you’re acquiring. Let’s explore some ways to get more from Google Analytics for your business.

Linking Google Analytics and Google Adwords

The first trick to Google Analytics is ensuring you know the difference between Google Analytics and Google AdWords. You can actually link these two tools together to understand how users that came from your ads are behaving on your site. For example, if you’re spending money advertising through AdWords, and most of your new traffic is coming in at a certain page–that’s valuable information! Knowing what campaigns are successful and which ones are bombing will assist you in creating educated campaigns in the future.

Set Up Website Tracking

Using Google Analytics to set up website tracking allows you to monitor site traffic, user behavior, and determine how visitors are interacting with your website. The first step is to set up the tracking code so you can start collecting data about website activity. With a bit of copying and pasting your personalized code to your webpage header, you’ll have the info you need to start analyzing visitor behavior. When you understand who is visiting your site, you can start targeting those personas and create more opportunities for conversion.

Creating Goals in Google Analytics

Create goals within Google Analytics and monitor conversions on your site. This will allow you to track specific objectives that directly correlate with an increase or decrease in your web traffic. Data without a purpose is pointless. Data-based KPIs and continual assessment of your goals will aid your business in growth. But make sure you’re looking into the right data! Because you receive so much data with google analytics, it’s easy to get sidetracked. Start with info for your conversion rates because that data applies to every business. By analyzing the right data, you can create SMART goals and benchmarks.

Set Up Conversion Funnels

Setting up conversion funnels in Google Analytics will show you how many users are converting from your site. You will be able to see where people decided not to continue with the purchase process and identify weak links in your buyer journey. For example: if your site visitors are getting stuck during checkout, perhaps there is an issue with payment processing or shipping options?

Real-Time Data Viewing

Using the ability to see data in real-time is a massive advantage. By utilizing the real-time data views, you’ll be able to analyze visitor behavior and identify opportunities for improvement right after they happen. Literally step into the shoes of your buyers


Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that every business can take full advantage of. Using this free analytics software, make informed business decisions, increase conversions, understand your buyer, and make improvements to your site with data-backed suggestions. And if you feel like you’re in over your head, let’s chat about how Journicity can help!


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