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The world of marketing attribution has changed significantly in the past few years. With digital marketing, it’s not always possible to track down what channel is actually responsible for generating a conversion. This means that marketers are spending more time trying to figure out why their conversions aren’t coming in, and less time actually doing something about it. That’s where attribution tools come into play! Most marketing attribution tools require a monthly subscription. Often, you can test these tools with free demos. But if you’re not ready to venture down that path quite yet, there are some free marketing attribution tools you can try out, too. Let’s take a look at how you can start implementing these tools into your marketing arsenal!

Google Attribution

Google Attribution is a Beta software direct from Google.  With Google Attribution, you can figure out the “total value of sales” for each channel. It uses machine learning to try and recognize your best channel so that you don’t have to. Google Attribution uses two models for gathering and reporting attribution analytics – the rules-based model and the data-driven model.

Rules-Based Model

  • Last click – gives all conversion credit to the last click from the customer’s journey
  • First click – gives all conversion credit to the first click from the customer’s journey
  • Linear – Credit is given equally to all data points throughout the customer’s journey
  • Time decay – More credit is given to data points closer to the time of conversion
  • Position based – More credit is given to the first and last clicks of the customer’s journey

Data-Drivel model:

  • Requires a minimum amount of data before it begins to assess data attribution
  • Looks at multiple data points throughout your customer’s journey and assigns accurate attribution
  • Multiple touchpoints are analyzed and assigned percentages so you get a full picture of your ROI


Setting up and implementing Google Attribution is a multi-step method. But don’t let that deter you from giving it a go! As usual, Google gives you a step-by-step process for getting your account up and running so you can start collecting the data you need.    

Website Plugins

An excellent source for free attribution tools is the plugin library available for your website. For WordPress users, there are several plugins to check out. One that’s worth taking a look at is This little free plugin packs a punch. The features of this plugin are highly valuable to understanding your customer’s journey and assigning proper attribution.

  • Actionable customer insights
  • Track page visits
  • Track form submissions
  • Evaluate campaigns, pages, channels, etc are working for you on your website has a great video on how to get started utilizing this plugin on your WordPress site. And they even have some useful support articles and FAQs to go along with their download.



We know marketing attribution can feel overwhelming. Even googling “marketing attribution” instantly brings up pages and pages of available software and tools to use as well as feelings of not knowing where to start! Take a stab at using some of these free tools to see how investing in marketing attribution can make you money. Or just skip that step and chat with Journicity now and get that money flowing in!

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